Loss Control for Business Owners



“Our Policy is Caring”. At TWFG we stress health and safety first. Running a safer, efficient business evolves from proper loss control programs and specific measures in place.


Loss control can involve the physical surroundings, (fire extinguishers, maintenance of equipment, on-time inspections), to processes (documentation, waivers, contracts, laws), to employee return-to-work programs. The first step with our TWFG Alamo City agency is the quote process. During the comprehensive quote/consultation process, questions are asked, specific information is gathered to fully protect your business, your employees and even the community.


Next, carriers often provide an on-site inspection with a hand-out of safety recommendations. Additionally, Robyn Luna is able to provide as part of the quote process, a risk management report catered to your industry with helpful tips that are being used industry wide.


Many of the carriers that are used in our agency: The Hartford, Travelers, Philadelphia Insurance, etc. provide free-of-charge Risk Management websites with your own user ID and password to log-in, watch tutorials, download forms, and browse a risk management library for your class of business.


Our Alamo City TWFG agency plans on having a viable business relationship for years and that includes keeping you educated and protected.