Risk Management for our Business Owner Clients

A key element to protecting the financial security and future longjevity of your business is to have secure risk management processes and programs in place. Many businesses either have no way of managing/mitigating their risk or they try to train on safety issues but are not consistent due to the business volume and duties of the day.

TWFG Luna Insurance has a referral partnership with a company also out of San Antonio called CurvCompliance. CurveCompliance offers services such as: CPR training for your employees, OSHA training and certifications, “Fall protection” classes regarding how to prevent falls, Defensive Driver courses, EPA Awareness, using power tools, and many more critical topics to your business. The fees per employee in a class is a nominal fee compared to the immeasurable feature of having a safer work-place.

CurveCompliance offers courses, writing customized programs, regulatory compliance, loss prevention, and accident investigation. An augment service to your business could be an auto safety program or a safety training program specific to the oil/gas industry.

All business types are in need of ongoing training and awareness. For more information on Luna Insurance offering you this program through CurvCompliance, please give our office a call at 2105081659.